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gorm.cc is a domain dedicated to me, Gorm Egeberg Johnsen. Its content is written and edited by me, unless otherwise noted here or on the individual page itself.


These pages are copyrighted by me, exept as noted under. In the future I intend to make most of the pages free under the GNU FDL licence. If you wish to use any of the remaining material on these pages, please ask me first. Mostly my only demand is that you make a reference to my page wherever you intend to use it. I'm not a wiz on this legal stuff, so please let me know if you spot anything that you feel should have been somewhat altered because of legal rights or anything.




Duh. Work it out your self. If you have a proper browser, you will notice that some words have a dotted line under them. Point at them, and you'll see an explanation of it somewhere.


These pages is created using 100% recycled electrons and best viewed by getting over here yourself and look at my screen, in notepad, in witch I designed them. If you can't come, your are best of with a HTML 4.1 compliant browser, as I use CSS. That is, if the pages is not white text on a black background, you might have an old browser or need to reload the page. Good Luck.

The .cc is the TLD designated to Cocos (Keeling) Islands, a 14km2 total of 27 islands with some 630 inhabitants, located in the Indian Ocean at 12°30'S 96°50'E. Cocos is an Australian territory. See Wikipedia for more info about the Cocos. When I think about it, I would really like to go there!

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